STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E33

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“Sweetie what’s it?” Sandra said hugging me from the back.

I turned to her and ki..ssed her. She let the blanket slide off her. We ate each others lips as though we were just meeting for the first time. I put one of her portable sized buubs into my mouth, she pressed my head hard to it as she let put little moaning sounds. I pushed her back on the bed gently and moved to her lips again. She crossed her legs across my waist and her hands on my neck.

I put my bleeping rod inside her and she pulled me closer to her, s—–g my ear. I gently moved in and out of her erotically in a twist dancing motion. Our bodies closed to each others. We ki..ssed as we made love.

The door pushed open, Ruth stood at the entrance clad in black T-shirt on black jeans and a black face capwith a cutlass in hand. I jumped off Sandra who swiftly covered her chest with the blanket.

” what do you want?! I demanded.

” Mike why?! Why?! ” she said in tears as one bitterly hurt.

I quickly wore my boxers and tried to move closer and reason with her. She moved into the room and shut the door.

” please, don’t do anything irrational “. I said walking close to her with my hands stretched towards her.

” am going to kill that b—h and kill myself! How could you Mike?! I have loved you crazy ” she said. Her eyes swollen from crying.

” please baby, just put down that stuff in your hand, I promise we can talk this through. ” I said getting close to her.

“get back! ” she said, swinging the knife.

The cutlass almost caught me, but I was quick to move away.

” you don’t deserve my love, you are nothing but a low life cheat ” she said.

I tried to come closer again but she brought something from her back. It was a pistol. I jumped backwards on seeing that. She held it tight on both hands throwing the cutlass behind her. Sandra who has been motionless since Ruth came in, screamed on seeing the gun and hid beside the bed.

” come out of there you b—h!” she said walking towards Sandra.

Sandra ran to my back and held me screaming.

” move aside Mike ” Ruth commanded.

” please Ruth, please don’t do this” I said shielding Sandra.

” so you would rather defend her Mike?! ” she said sobbing.

She let out a fire and it landed on my leg I fell down. Sandra shouted, knelt begging without saying a word.

” you evil witch, you devil! Am going to enjoy this ” Ruth said.

I was trying to get back on one feet when Ruth let out three shots. Sandra fell backwards and landed on the bed. I jumped on Sandra whose mouth was filled with blood. I shook her calling her name, she tried to talk but blood seem to be choking her, her eyes rolled back and came back. I held her very close crying.

” no, no, no, ” I screamed, holding her close to me.

She tried to touch my face and then dropped her hands. Her eyes were still open but she wasn’t moving.

Ruth just stood looking at me as I cried bitterly not minding the bullet in my leg.

” so you love her this much she said ” she said. Then shot me in the hand. ” you love her more than me” she shot me again in my chest. ” you deserve to die a slow and painful death ” she said sobbing , then shot me in my tummy.

I was on the floor tired. Blood flowed out as a stream of water. I felt sleepy and weak looking at Ruth who stood standing in front of me. Blood spattered as I coughed. I just laid on the floor looking at her as she bent beside me crying bitterly.

” am sorry, am really sorry.” she said then put the gun in her mouth an pulled the trigger.

I jumped up screaming “nooo!”

Ruth and mum held me back on the bed. I was so relieved i was still at the hospital. Mum was so worried as she tried to enquire what happened. Ruth just looked at me with great concern in her eyes.

I never knew I would be this happy to see Ruth. I wanted to call Sandra immediately but had to control the urge.

I was discharged that day, went home with mom and Ruth.

I discovered my mom has taken so much liking to Ruth that she sleeps in my mums room. She goes to work from my house most times, at least twice a week. Even though Ruth was beautiful and responsible , I preferred Sandra. Ruth had everything I had ever wanted until I met Sandra.

Meeting Sandra was love at first sight. I didn’t plan for it to happen, it just did. I still like Ruth, I can marry her if need be but I can’t get rid of Sandra no matter what.




To be continue


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