STORY: My Madam And I – S01 E32

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 32

I stood on a lonely deserted road waiting for a cab to drive by when I heard the sound of music in the forest behind me. The music seem to be calling me so I decided after so many contemplations to follow the sound.

Soon I discovered I was lost in the middle of the forest. I couldn’t trace my way back. I ran following the path I came from but it led me the more into a thick forest. Suddenly I saw light at an end of the forest, so I followed it till I got there.

I saw three strange women. One was without teeth, had snake skin with dark eye balls and was bald headed. She crawled in a serpentine movement bringing out her green tongue as she moves. Another looked 200 years old and had the posture of a chimpanzee. She is as swollen as a corpse with blood dripping out of her mouth. While the last was as slippery as a fish with water dripping from her body. She has a long tail that was a live snake with two heads.

It was a dark forest with only a pathway. The moon was gone and only the sound of owl was head. Two strange looking children whose unclad bodies were covered in mud from head to toe, played rhythmically a strong demotic drum as the three women danced in the strangest way ever.

A very big local pot was boiling on a firewood fire and a decomposing male corpse came to inspect the food. And when the pot was opened, I saw what looked like monkey head inside, but from another side view it was human.

The corpse turned, looked at me and smiled ominously as it knew I had seen what it was cooking.

I felt a strange cold enveloping me. Then I looked elsewhere and focused on the people walking on the only part in the forest. At the first glance they walked, but when clearly observed, they floated and some even walked with their heads.

I left there to another place in the circle wondering how I got there and how I am going to escape, when Suddenly there was a gun shot. I saw herds of headless bulls running towards me. I ran as fast as I could. Each time I turned my back they seem to be catching up on me. Suddenly something caught my leg, I fell and couldn’t move my legs. I screamed and struggled to get up but couldn’t. The bulls caught up with me and tried to trodden me to death when I saw myself in a palace, a baby king sat on a very big throne and Amaka was tied to both hands and feet lying beneath the baby king.

I saw two identical girls yelling that I should kill Amaka. A Unclad very fat woman appeared from nowhere with a dagger on a tray. The baby king shouted from its throne .

” your choice! ”

I took the knife, the yelling from the girls were hypnotic. They held Amaka in the way a goat is slaughtered and I held my knife close to her throat before I woke up.

I was drenched in my own sweat. I turned to admire her beautiful body a little before brooding about the dream.



To be continue


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