Staged Or Ready For Fame? Salle Drop Mouth Dropping Pictures, Critics Said Her Into Fame Video Was Staged

The transformations of the 17-year-old singer have gotten a lot of people talking, as people were bewildered by how fast she had changed.

Salle recent photo

I saw a post talking about how she had transformed in a week, but when I went through the comment section, I realized there were a lot of people who were not cool with her saying the video that made her the talk of the town was staged.

Salle When She was First discovered

Few days ago, the video of a 17-year-old girl named Salle went viral on social media. The talented young girl was spotted with a tray and a wrapper which she allegedly used in hawking, Someone then noticed her when she was singing, and released the video.

Tunde Ednut saw the video liked it posted it, her followers on instagram rose to over two hundred thousand followers almost immediately, which even made her featured on Arise Tv Television news.

Few days later, she uploaded a short clip of herself in an airplane, She has however uploaded a video on her instagram, which showed her doing a photoshoot. She also thanked everyone, saying that they made it happened. She hinted that a goodnews is coming very soon.

Some social media users still continue criticizing her and promoters that the video was staged and her next video doesn’t look like who is hawking something.

Wish I had a chance to speak with Salle it will be very helpful and beautiful. Salle hint us on her last post on Instagram showing she’s dropping a new single. Congratulations to her …

See her recent Video…

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