Some Features On Xender You Probably Don’t Know (photos)

All what most people do is open Xender when they want to transfer a file, and that’s it. But there’s more. Xender does more that just transfer files from phone to phone, or to system. There are features it has that’ll marvel you and save you a whole lot.

There are like tons of apps on play store with which you can do a couple of things, like, convert an MP4 file to an MP3 file, saving a WhatsApp status, Instagram videos etc. But the problem with the apps is that they have too many ads. Everyone understands that ads are important for developers to earn money, but this most of the times clouds their decision to provide a good working app.

Too many ads ruins your user experience.

Not only that, your phone becomes too crowded with all these apps, and I bet some persons may have more one of each of these apps.

Which is why Xender is just one really great app. You don’t get to just transfer files from phone to phone or system, you get to do much more with it.

Just imagine having all of these apps just submerged into one app, that you already have, and moreso, works perfectly.. great that must be.

Xender does all of these things I outlined. It’s very easy to use, and fast too. These things are there and easy to find, but somehow hidden to most persons. All what most people do is open Xender when they want to transfer a file, and that’s it. But there’s more.

Here’s a list of what you can do with Xender:

1. Save WhatsApp statuses

2. Download Instagram videos

3. Paste links to download

4. Convert videos to MP3

5. Play games online (no need to install them in your phones).

See pictures below to know how to use them

No 1

When you open Xender, go to the bottom, click on “ToMP3”, simply select the video you want to convert, and it does that fast.

No 2

Click on “GAME”, you’d be redirected to where to place all kinds of games with your phone without installing them on your phone.

No 3

Click on “SOCIAL” to download WhatsApp statuses, Instagram videos and other links for download.

3a & b shows how it looks like when you click on “MP3”

3c shows how the downloader looks.

If you did know this before, now you do. This saves you a whole lot of storage space, and junk apps. You get to do more with Xender.

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