Sleeping With Your Grandmother Doesn’t Mean You’re Grown – Shatta Bundle Tells Amerado

The feud between Amerado and Lyrical Joe has been the topic of discussion the entire week. The two artists in their songs have delivered some low blows a couple of times. Some media personalities are even pleading that they bring the feud to a close.

Shatta Bandle is one of the media personalities who has gotten infuriated by Amerado. Amerado in one of his diss songs jabbed that the number of accolades Lyrical Joe has received are as few as the teeth in the mouth of Shatta Bandle.

Shatta Bandle was quick to clap back at Amerado by stating that he doesn’t like the fact that Amerado decided to bring his name into a fight which doesn’t involve him. He went on to mention that “The fact that you sleep with your grandmother doesn’t mean you’re grown”.

This is a jab by Shatta Bandle to Amerado feeding on the rumours of Amerado being in a relationship with delay who is several years older than Amerado.

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