Single mother works as a ‘trotro mate’ to cater for seven children; one at UCC

Single mother of seven, Yaa Dufie has been working as a bus conductor for nine years after her husband’s death to cater to her children, one of which is currently studying at the University of Cape Coast.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Obaa Yaa indicated that she quit petty trading to become a trotro mate because the business yielded fewer profits. According to Dufie, her husband passed away soon after they moved to the capital from Kumasi.

 “I used to sell oranges, but they weren’t selling, so I discussed my intentions to become a mate with the drivers here, and they agreed. That is what I do to support my children; the eldest is currently at university. 

Six live with me, but the youngest is in my village. The second-born is also a mate here while the third-born is training to become an electrician,” Yaa shared. 

According to Dufie, her husband’s family neglected her and has never been in contact with them since his death. She added that due to her eldest child’s education, she has been unable to rent a room. 

“After my husband’s death, we were evicted from the house. So I rented a kiosk for my children to stay in while I sleep in the bus because it’s too small to contain us.” 

Speaking on the downsides of being a female bus conductor, Yaa Dufie disclosed that many passengers maltreat her and often tell her to get a better job. Meanwhile, others are also excited to see a female bus conductor. 

The single mother advised the unemployed youth to be active and begin working with the few resources available.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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