Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

A lot of people think that being a highly sensitive person means one is overly emotional and irrational. What it really means is you are really observant, empathic, loving, genuine, giving, honest and so much more. Never apologize for feeling deeply as you have been blessed with this gift of sensitivity. Are you a highly sensitive person? Find out more in this article.

You are easily overwhelmed by your senses. You are sensitive to loud noise, strong smells and light. You are very perceptive and self-aware. You tend to notice things that others don’t.

You need a lot of alone time to recharge. You feel other people’s emotions and pain very deeply. This is why you find yourself frequently exhausted from other people’s energy.

You have a very difficult time embracing change and taking comfort in your routine and familiar environment.

You care a lot about what other people think. You have people pleasing tendencies and judgement from others feels paralyzing.

You are intuitive and in tune with energy. This means that you can walk into a room and feel the vibes immediately.

You tend to take things really personally. Any sort of feedback or criticism feels devastating. If this is you then you don’t need to fix yourself. Being sensitive is actually a good thing and you’re not alone.

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