Signs He Likes You And Wants A Relationship With You

You want to know if your man is so much into you? You have probably heard of a lot of things men do when they are into you. But here are proven signs and what you can do to increase their energy so that you do not miss the opportunity to date the man of your dreams.

Men lower their voice when they are talking to the person they like. Create a standard that he must keep for instance, opening car doors and any door for you. 

Get him to value you by giving him enough attention too to show that you are interested. 

He keeps constant eye contact with you so much so that it’s almost as if he is looking into your soul. However, create certain boundaries such as not touching sensitive parts of your body in intimate ways when the relationship is still young.

He tries to look dominant and powerful when he is around you just to prove that he can protect you. Never be afraid to voice your needs without sounding like you’re begging for love and attention.

Men who are interested may try to close the distance between you and them. They will try to sit closer to you so that they can move any obstructions between you two.

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