Seven Greatest Wonders That Prophet Muhammad Did That Baffled People, No 2 and 7 Will Surprise You

Muslims believe Allah sent many prophets to guide humanity throughout history. Not only did the prophets or messengers warn the people of Shaytan, evil-doing, hellfire, Allah’s disadvantage, but they also gave glad tidings of Allah’s mercy, support, and blessings to the believers, and of course, paradise. But they were denied, reproached by humans, persecuted and even killed by people.

Disbelievers begged them about miracles that they conducted by Allah’s Will but also told them of the retribution that was accompanied by the polytheists’ rejection – that’s what they did after seeing a miracle, naming the miracle witchcraft and sorcery.

Like other prominent Prophets-Messengers of Islam, the final Prophet of Allah Muhammad also performed various miracles some at the demand of polytheists while some to make the Iman of believers strong by the will of Allah.

Prophets don’t have their free will they do whatever Allah command them to. In this article we bring you some known miracles performed by the Messenger of Allah;

1. Qur’an
One of the blessings that Allah offered to Prophet Muhammad is Qur’an and its unmatched perfection in literature. Arabic literature was at its height when the Quran revelated in the 7th century. The Arabs prided themselves on their literary excellence despite being mainly nomads and tribal populations.

Prophet Muhammad was an Ummi (the one who couldn’t read or write) and wasn’t a poet, but when he recited Qur’an the Arabs were intrigued by their verses’ absolute eloquence and special rhythm.

It was entirely distinct and much superior to any literary work they encountered. In such a majestic manner, Allah unveiled Qur’an that no one could write a single verse like this. Allah says in Qur’an

“Say: ‘If all mankind and the jinn were to come together to produce the like of this Quran, they would not be able to produce the like of it even though they exercised all and strength to help one another’” (Quran 17:88).

“And if you all doubt what I have revealed to My servant, bring one such chapter and call your witnesses besides God, if you are true” (Quran 2:23).

Muslims have been striving since the time of Muhammad to memorize the Quran, aided by its divine style and flow. Today the entire book has been memorized by an estimated 10 million Muslims worldwide (most of them non-Arabs).

For instance, if you’re going to visit any madarsah in India or Pakistan you ‘re going to have thousands of kids sitting and remembering Qur’an verses so easily and despite the fact that Arabic isn’t their mother tongue.

2. Splitting Of Moon
Allah (Highest) says, “The Hour has come close, and the moon has split [in two]. And if they see some wonder, they turn aside and say, ‘Passing sorcery.’ And they refuse and obey their desires—and the matter will be resolved” (Qur’an 54:1-3). This Holy Qur’an Ayah describes the incident when the polytheists demanded the Prophet to perform a strong miracle. He had been inspired by Allah to point to the moon, which divided into two separate halves. It remained that way for a while, before eventually converging together again.

After seeing the sight the audience confused and dismissed the miracle simply calling it a supernatural trick.They even sent people out of Mecca to test the same, and observed it to their great astonishment. Woe to the world they always refused.

3. Water
When Muhammad and his companions were on a boat, their stock of water drained off. The Prophet had, according to his companions, a small container of water in which he placed his hand, and the “water began to spout like springs between his fingers. And we drank and practiced ablution (ritual cleansing) … even if we were 100,000, the water would have been enough for us. We were 1500 anyhow.

On several occasions not just once but related events have been recorded several times.

4.Healing the Sick
Allah had granted the miracle of healing the sick to Prophet. Once Ali (ra) was infected with eye infection and was in severe pain when the Holy Prophet came to know about it, he spat in his eye and invoked Allah. To the delight of all, Ali (ra) was without any ailment in his body.

5. Al-Isra Wal-Miraj (the Night Journey)
Israel refers to the journey of the night that our Prophet took from Mecca to the Sacred Shrine in Jerusalem with Jibreel (AS) before he migrated to Medina. The journey was finished in only a part of the night. This was a miraculous event because, in such a short period, it was humanly impossible to travel that distance.

From Jerusalem, Muhammad ascended to the heavens where he held communion with God in what is called the Mairaj. It was still night, by the time Muhammad returned to Mecca.

The Night Journey is a major occurrence in Islamic culture. At this case Prophet led the congregation of Prophets (Peace be upon them) in prayer, made the five daily prayers mandatory, Prophet went to the highest heaven and much more.

6. Prayers Were Answered Immediately
Rains and clouds were the lands of Arabia ‘s greatest blessings back then, and still, largely influence human life. One of the Prophet ‘s companions once beseeched him during an extreme drought to pray for rain during which Prophet lifted his hands toward heaven and pronounced Allah. A patch of cloud appeared within a moment, and it rained for weeks.

The land ‘s people were overwhelmed and the rain had sufficed. They asked Prophet again to pray that this rain could end. Once, the Holy Prophet prayed to God, and the heavy storm downpouring hours earlier stopped in just minutes.

7. Tree Trunk Crying
As a blessing, the prophet was sent to this earth, the animals, trees , plants, air, clouds, and birds all loved him, and took care of him. This fact had caused another miracle for him.

The Prophet used to stand on a root of a tree to give sermons on Fridays. A companion offered to build a proper pulpit for him and obliged the prophet to do so. As he first used it though, a loud moaning sound came from the root of the tree.

Many of the companions of Muhammad witnessed this first-hand, and heard what sounded like a child weeping. The prophet came down from the pulpit and embraced it until eventually its weeping subsided. He then explained to his friends, “What he used to learn about religious information granted near him was weeping for [missing].”


  1. All these notions about Muhammed are lies of the devil from the pits of hell being used to brain wash pious humans caught under Islamism…. if Muhammad was that, why was he unclean by adultery & even marry a 9yrs old baby for a wife yet GOD is holy & HE doesn’t change? Live a lonely the blood thirsty warlord? Why are his followers having his wired behaviour still of innocent blood thirsting & terrorism & polygamous adultery?

    Every tree is known by it’s fruit it bears. The lineage & behaviour of Muhammad manner of life is different from that of Bibilical prophets: therefore the Allah of Qu’ran is different from YAHWEH/JEHOVAH of the Bible: Allah is a moon god aslo called Baal that was worshipped in the ancient time but was defeated in the time of Elijah the prophet in 1Kings 16:1 up to chapter 19. ..and all the 400 its prophets were doomed.
    YAHWEH/JEHOVAH is the Almighty GOD creator of all things visible & invisible! Jesus Christ is LORD.

    1. Some of these could be true because, gifts and callings of God are without repentance. To say that all are lies from hell, could be a lie because you were not there. The bone of contention is that: Does performance of wonders spelt a yardstick of being a great man of God? Then, magicians are.

  2. Wait a minute; when will you guys (Muslims) stop or free from been blindfolded? How long will you guys continue to be relentless adherence and propagandize fake and nullity rumours about histories that are nuffink? In this modern World? So shameful. List friend, get a Bible, read and study it by yourself, and compels it with the Quran, study Jesus Christ and His unique history, to get the difference between that of your Muhammed Ali, you will understand the uniqueness of Jesus Christ that there is no metaphor. Infact, try and read the Book of John gospel. 1:1-18. Colossians 1:15-23. Let me just stop here for now thank you. I declare that Jesus Christ be with you all forever. Amen.

  3. So Muslim still don’t know what to believe right!Better Seek the real Savior before it’s too late.After all miracles that Jesus perform,He raised the death, healed the sick ones, walk on water, turned water in to wine,; Thereafter,He defeated death And still some people still don’t believe talk less of those eye miracles.please Jesus is the only way, truth and life better notice that!!.

    1. The Author is a Christian….lol you guys are something else…..must you comment?how did this post turned into a competition?let the Muslims believe in what they feel is the truth….you(Christians) also believe in whatever you feel is the truth…. it’s a free world please…on the last day we’ll see who is on the right track…that all.

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