See what JAPASS headmaster did to this female student

After severely attacking a female final year student for disrespecting him, the Headmaster of Jachie-Pramso Senior High School (JAPASS) has found himself on the wrong side of the law.

According to accounts, Mary Amoako, a final-year student, handed her jacket to a male colleague who had been disciplined by the headmaster for not wearing the required uniform.

Mary, a General Art student, revealed in an interview that the headmaster took her colleague’s shirt and told him to go to the dormitory half-naked.

After the headmaster left with his shirt, Mary handed her jacket to the youngster, which enraged him.

The enraged headmaster then slapped Mary across the back, causing substantial bruises.

“We were in class last Thursday, and our headmaster was about to penalize my colleague for unsuitable clothes, so I handed him my jacket to cover up his inappropriate attire.” The headmaster then told me to go to his office and wait for him, and when he arrived, he brutally beat me. Because I’m traumatized, I can’t even concentrate or learn. Since the incident, I haven’t been able to attend college, and I’m scared it may affect me,” Mary explained.

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