See What A Lady Sent When A Guy Asked Her For Ńüd€ Pictures

As much as there is a lot of things that are capable of downgrading ones self esteem and we have seen them do so to a lot of people over the years.One greatest thing that have been doing so to a lot of ladies is the sharing of nudes with boyfriends. friends and everyone.

Truth is taking nudes has always been a bad idea from the beginning and as much as a lot of nudes tends to end up being exposed and downgrade ones self esteem.It is very nice to see that some ladies are now learning from others mistakes.

As much as this might seem to be childish for a lot of you can see this from a perspective that she should have just refused instead of beating around the bush like this.Well truth is the one who is childish is the one who wants the nude.

We all know that the sending of nude is wrong and tends to end in tears so what the lady did here is to save herself from embarrassment which is a great thing for ones self esteem and well being.

If you happen to find yourself in the same situation as her please do the same or handle it in anyway that best suits you as long as you do not send those stuff please.

For example look at the chats and see what a lady sent when a guy asked for nude.

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