See What 11 Years Old Boy Did That Make Doctors Bowed Their Heads To Pay Respect To Him

What makes us humans is the sympathy and compassion we show to others in need even at the worst moment of our lives. A young Chinese boy Liang Yaoyi by name was a very brilliant boy who was loved by his parents, Liang was just 9 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He spent the rest of his life battling with his brain tumor, going through surgeries so he could survive. Despite his brain tumor, this young boy remained positive. His condition worsened as time goes on but he survived long enough to celebrate his eleventh birthday.

His condition got to the point that he knew he was going to die but he remained calm. Before his death, he made a wish to his mother, he told her that in case he didn’t survive, his organs should be donated to save the lives of others. Liang wanted to grow up to become a doctor, though his life was cut short, he didn’t let that stop him from saving lives.

His liver and kidneys were successfully taken by the doctors including other necessary organs and doctors were moved by what this young boy did. that heart-melting moment shows the doctors bowing to the body of Liang while his mum could be seen crying.

Doctors bowing the second time to Liang after he was moved from the surgery room and that’s his mum the arrow is pointed at.

Liang Yaoyi may be gone but part of him still lives in the body of others, thanks to his heroic work. The compassion of this young boy to others even at the point of death is something we should learn from.

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