See the Use of This Plant? (Gooseberry) Is Mind Blowing

The plant in the picture below is found in many African countries most especially in the western Africa. The plant cm be found around refuse dumps because is grows well in loamy soils. The English name for it is goose-berry and it has many health benefits to man.

Below are some health benefits one can get from goose-berry.

1. It can be used to treat gonorrhea in both men and women. Just plug the leaf and fruit of the plant, boil and take the water for seven days to treat the infection.

2. One can boil the leaves and fruit and drink the water to reduce wight or to loose weight.

3. You can boil the leaves and bath the water for to treat skin rushes and other skin diseases.

4. For diabetes, you can uproot the plant and chop the roots. Boil it and take some before meals to treat the disease. You can also blend the leaves with water and take before meals. You can add some fruits to the leafs before blending to reduce the bitterness.

5. It is also believed to have spiritual wonders for children who find it difficult to walk. The leave if used to bath them on regular basis until they start walking.

6. It is also used to treat skin rushes in babies and adults.

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