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See The Meaning Of The Black Spot On Muslim Foreheads?

Do you know the meaning of the dark spot on some Muslim foreheads? No right, well let’s talk about it.

The dark spot on Muslim foreheads is called Zebibah, in English, it’s called the prayer bump. It appears on some Muslim’s forehead due to the frequent contact with the floor placing the forehead on the mat while observing the five compulsory daily prayers. It’s of the societal belief that it’s for devout Muslims.

A Muslim is required to pray five times daily which involves placing your forehead on a mat or hard surface and if done consecutively for long a long period of time then something called callus would form on the forehead which means Zebibah(prayer bump). Some Muslims believe that this black spot on the day of judgment would illuminate and become bright like a light.

However, a Prayer bump is not to show off, if it later becomes a show-off, then you must take a precautionary act to stop it from forming as your prayers maybe deem void with the intention for trying to get the prayer bump for show off.

Therefore, showing off should not be the reason for deliberately creating a prayer bump.

That’s the meaning and what you should know about the dark spot on a Muslim forehead.

May Almighty Allah make it easy for all of us and counts us among the pious, Ameen!

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