Secret: Stop Killing The Cockroaches You Find In Your Houses, See How Useful They Can Actually Be

Cockroaches are among the most common insects that can be found in the human home. Roaches are a professional recycler, which includes almost everything, including dead plants and animals, and animal waste.

Their digestive systems are so amazing that they contain bacteria and protozoa that convert every waste they take into their bodies into absorbed nutrients.

In this article, I’ll tell you why you should not kill a cockroach you find in your home.

Everything has a downside, we definitely have a good side: the benefits of cockroaches

Instead of killing them and throwing them in the trash, you can actually feed them to the reptiles in your area, and you will eventually get the

blessings of God above.

Therefore, cockroaches serve as food for lizards and many others.

Finally scientifically proven to be medicinal: –

Today, hospitals in parts of China use a cream made from cockroach powder to treat burns, and sometimes cockroach syrup is given to patients to relieve symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Serve as food: Crickets are high in protein, which when eaten can be very beneficial in the human body system. One must fry the cockroaches before eating them because the bacteria in the cockroach are fried.


  1. Is not only cockroaches that will be good for body oo pls help us and discover all this one I post here there own work on the body too 🦂🐛🦠🐝🦟🦗🐜🐞cockroaoches hell no for me

  2. As for me I can’t eat them.Do you even know were these cockroaches are found in toilets.!my friend keep eating them I wonder which country you are from.

    1. No sir, roaches are beneficial in recycling. I am working on a project that involves them in recycling. God created all things for a purpose. He doesn’t make mistake. A lot of people run from earthworms…in reality, they are one of the most important organic crushers for the Earth.

      1. 1.So mosquito is also good abi?..
        2.can u eat spoit food with magots in it?
        3. Pls research on wall geko for me cos I still wonder the use of it in the house,cos I kill it once my eyes get to it. Is it wrong to kill it or should I be packing it for u,so that u will eat them?…

  3. Sorry o. This is Nigeria. If I kill them, my chicken can get enough nutrients then later I get from the chicken. After all, life is a cycle. I don’t have to eat cockroaches directly. Thanks anyways. Enjoy all yourself o.

  4. Who post this thing funny ooo see ehhh I even dey fear cockroach ,so I nor fit eat cockroaches, see nor be only good for body cockroach give us vitamin nonsense

    1. We Nigerians we don’t eat cockroaches, I wonder how this China people eat anything they
      see, with the kind of smell you still eat it. No I won’t do that thanks

  5. I think the writer of this article is from china but we here we are African and even in Africa we are Nigerians. We don’t need them I mean the cockroach es so let the writer come to Nigeria and get them free off charge as much as he needs.

    1. If I happen to be in China, I’ll never eat it their food. For the Chinese eats anything and everything. It’s unhealthy to eat everything like that. Crocroaches shouldn’t be eaten, no matter what!

  6. This person no get sense o😒😒😒
    Don’t post this kind of rubbish again,pls…
    Unah go jst dey dedicate unah efforts to dey waste people time..😒

      1. It may be true what you are saying but difficult to believe besides some of them use for medicine and you drink with out knowing why people hate it is because it almost in the toilet and dirty places there are many things we eat like snail it can also find in a dirty place even in a shit also Bush rat it’s that on eat dead body but you don’t know but we eat it many things

  7. Roaches are not known vectors (disease carriers ) but by their dirty habtts they can infect human being when they come out of toilet and patch on your food the food becomes infected this can cause serious gastritis , diarrhea , vomiting and so on so sorry cockroaches could be your friends but not mine

  8. This article must have been written for fun. Eating cockroaches has no health benefits. Roaches are the source of most common diseases. I feel bored to even read this article

      1. I was thinking that the person that wrote this article is from China, then I went back and checked the name and saw that it’s actually a Nigerian.
        Mr poster, I don’t know whether you are in China, where you see people eat any kind of nonesense or you just dubbed this idea off the internet. Pls don’t put someone else in possible danger with this silly idea of yours. In Nigeria, we don’t eat cockroaches!!! Food never finish 4 market!!!
        Thank you very much.

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