Sean Paul Claims Jay Z Was Jealous Over “Baby Boy” Collab With Beyoncé

Sean Paul Claims Jay-Z Was Uncomfortable With Him Around Beyoncé

There’s been couple of accusations against Jay Z over his behavior. Recently, Funk Flex alleged that Jay isn’t on social media because he’s very sensitive. “He’s the most sensitive motherf*cker on the planet and he can’t take n***as in his comments telling him the truth,” Funk claims.

Sean Paul is now saying something similar. The Jamaican reggae star appeared on the Too Live Crew, Action & the Burgerman radio show in Jamaica, and a portion of his interview was shared by DancehallMag.com in patois.

The radio host mentioned that he wasn’t a fan of how Paul’s collaboration with Bey played out, and Sean Paul agreed before sharing his side of the story. In 2003, Beyoncé partnered with Scott Storch to produce one of her hits, “Baby Boy” featuring Sean Paul.

The track has been a fan favorite for nearly two decades, but recently, Sean Paul spoke about the issue he’s had with that collaboration. It was a successful pairing for both artists, but according to Paul, Jay-Z made things difficult because he didn’t want his then-girlfriend getting too close to the Jamaican artist.

“Yuh si weh you seh? You neva feel comfortable. Me neva feel comfortable needa, but mi jus use my diplomacy all di while an guh roun any likkle obstacle weh me have inna life,” said Paul.

The host added that he believed Jay didn’t want his lady with Sean Paul for long periods of time and that may be why she’s rarely performed “Baby Boy” with her collaborator live.

“Yes, to me that was something that was apparent at the time,” he said, adding, “Wi know that artistry is artistry suh a nuh every time dem ting deh gwan.”

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