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Satire : My Step Son Was Looking At My Backside As I Was Preparing Food One Thing Led To Another

My step son stood behind me and gazed at my backside for more than 10 minutes without shifting.I asked him what is he looking at.he told me straight without beating behind the bush that he is gazing at my backside.

I was so suprise that how can this young d man gaze at my backside, what is it that he has seen that I’m not aware of I realised that there was something that attracted him and caused him to gaze intensively at my backside.

I asked him what does he think about my backside,he told me that he is tempted and was always waiting for an opportunity to handle his Step mother.I gave him a chance and he proved himself to be the real man,he handled me in the way that I never thought he could.

In fact he did the good job than his father.the reason why I gave him the opportunity to prove himself was because his father has been doing things behind my back and when I confront him about his actions he denied everything and refuses to talk to me further.

It has been 2 moths now since he stopped helping me,and I was so hungry to play the game.


  1. There nothing like that, its a made up story to give people evil thoughts. I know you, and who ever made this story are busy building the devil’s kindom but people cant see it. Shame on those that cant see it

  2. Write your comment here.

    with such dress no wonder the boy was tempted, you don’t deserve to be his step mom but rather a harlot picked up on the road side.. how can you dress in the house 🏠in such manner especially when the boys are around? that shows how irresponsible you have always been..

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