“Sally Deserves Any Negative Response From Shatta Wale”~ Hammer Nti Throw His Support Behind Shatta

Hammer Nti threw his support behind Shatta Wale after Sally went overboard to rain insults on Shatta Wale and his brand.

On the show, Hammer Time,  which was hosted by Hammer Nti on Pure Fm. The presenter was happy with the kind of behavior Sally is exhibiting in her punditry work.

According to Hammer, is not right for Sally to stand so low as going to attack the work of Shatta Wale and downplaying anything Shatta does.

He went ahead to say he is in support of Shatta Wale for any negative response or comment he will rain on Sally since she is doing more harm to his brand. 


Hammer went on to say that most pundits are not fair to artists in the method they use to approach the work of artists 

Most pundits are not fair in approaching artist work, they just talk anyhow and if you go further to check the background of these pundits, they haven’t contributed in any way to the Music Industry,” Hammer said

Hammer Nti is not pleased with the downplaying attitude of Sally to Shatta Wale and other artists.

Watch the video to listen to what Hammer Nti said in the highlighted video link below:

Watch the video.

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