Rolling Ray Reveals He Set Himself On Fire Trying To Light A Cigarette

Rolling Ray Says He Accidentally Set Himself On Fire Trying To Light A Cigarette

Rolling Ray made headlines last week after he revealed that he accidentally set himself on fire. He was in his native city of Washington D.C. where he went live from his hospital bed to let fans know what happened.

His face and scalp appeared burnt and he was seemingly in pain while he gave fans an update on his condition.

In the video, Rolling Ray said that the fire burnt his “whole skin,” listing off the body parts that were affected, including his neck, legs, arms and feet. He cried saying that he was going to be “ugly” for the rest of his life.

Now he says that the incident occurred while he was trying to light a cigarette.

“I light the cigarette, one little time with my nail. Mind you my hair, this part was in the front of me. The mother f*ckin finger just like lit on fire when I tried to light the cigarette,” he explained.

He continued: “My hands burned from trying to snatch the wig off — I try to snatch the wig off, bitch, the fire goes to my shirt to my feet to my leg to bed, its a fire everywhere. A fire in the whole room.”

Listen to him below:

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