Rod And Sean Stewart Reach Settlement For Florida Hotel’s Squabble

Rod Stewart And Son, Sean, Get Plea Deal For Florida’s New Year Day Altercation

Rock icon, Rod Stewart, and his son Sean, have have reached settlement for the battery charges that stemmed from a fight they had with a security guard early this year. The altercation happened on the New Year’s day at a Florida hotel.

In a recent development, the prosecuting and defense attorneys have agreed that the rock star and his son would not be tried for their actions. Although the terms for dropping the charges were not disclosed.

Stewart, 76, is a famous member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is popularly known for hits including “Maggie May”, “Tonight’s the Night”, among others. Born in London, and knighted by the Queen in 2016, Stewart found himself violating the rules of attendance at a private party. It was what led to the eventual altercation- where a scene began.

A police report has it that Sean got “nose to nose” with the security guard, Jessie Dixon, and Rod punched him in the lower rib cage afterwards.

Sean Stewart confirmed his agitation after being denied attendance to the event. Going by the security footage of the event at the hotel that night, the Stewarts were tagged “primary aggressors” by the Palm Beach officer, Stephen Mancino.

The police expressed its displeasure at such attitude, especially coming from a reputable man like Rod. Elsewhere, Two Breakers employees confirmed to be witnesses to the events. They told police they saw Sean push the security guard, and his father punching him thereafter.

Hence, the reason Dixon pulled off a signatory to press charges against the family. The celebrity was before the plea deal, subject to face lawsuits for the action taken on New Year’s day. But not anymore. Rod and Sean will avoid trial in Florida.

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