Rick Ross Reveals He Bought A $1M Mansion Just To Drive By It

Rick Ross says that he once bought a $1 million mansion just so that he could drive by it.

“Homes was something I was always fascinated about. So me and my homies started coming up to Atlanta. We used to ride by here all the time [we would pull over] and just be like God damn,” he told Revolt.

“After I got my deal and my situation, I bought a million-dollar home maybe two minutes from here that I still own that’s right around the corner just so I can ride by it every day while I’m in Atlanta, and that’s what the play was,” he said

Rick Ross also bought dozens of cars before he finally got his drivers license this year.

During an interview with “Today,” he said, “I actually was driven to the test. I do have over 100 cars and I just hadn’t had my license. So, whenever I go joyriding, it was just one of those things.”

“My mom and my sister pressured me, finally. So, I went and took the test. It took me an hour,” he added. “You know, I missed a few answers, but I got it.”

Watch the full interview here

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