Remember The Woman That Changed Her Skin Colour Through Surgery? Meet Her Husband – Photos

One issue people have, is the issue of self love, a lot of people are not totally happy with how they are. This is why most people end up going for surgery, injecting any kind of chemical in their body, just to get their desired look.

Nowadays, people go ahead as changing their eyes, nose, lips or even their entire body, All with the help of surgery. Let’s take a look at one of those people, that changed their skin and body with surgery.

Martina Big is one lady that is not new to Surgery, she has done alot of it, both on her body and even her skin color. After undergoing series of surgery, she went ahead to undergo a procedure that turned her skin color from white to black.

Despite how she changed her looks, she still fell in love with a Man identified as, see their lovely pictures below;

When she was white;

After Surgery

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