Reasons Why He Will Not Choose You As His Girlfriend

When men find what they want to, they cannot hide it. They want to share with the world what a treasure they have found.

 Here are some of the real reasons why your man may not choose you to be his girlfriend.

You don’t love yourself

If you don’t love yourself, a man will never fall in love with you. You might get used but not loved. However, if they are not doing such, it means they have not yet found the love they are seeking for. 

You are not his priority

 A man shares his future plans with you and professes his love for someone he is so much into. If he is not choosing to do these things for you, he may not be seeing you as a priority, and that’s just it.

You are ready to compromise

You may not be chosen because you reveal too many insecurities at the start of the dating process so much so that he notices the compromises you make so early on.

You put his needs before yours

If you always put his needs before yours, prepare for him to pursue another woman. Why are you getting out of bed late at night with some of his texts but he cannot schedule a dinner for two? It is because he doesn’t see you as girlfriend material.





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