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Blame it on dance


She had morphed from being my straight-laced aunt to a sexy and desirable woman. Now whenever we danced together I would start to feel aroused when I held her close and felt the softness of her skin or the smell of her hair. I started to notice how deep the green of her eyes were and how they sparkled when she danced. Aunt Jane never said anything but she must have felt my hardness against her. When dancing the salsa she would have felt my c–k rubbing against her leg or arse yet she stayed silent. Sometimes I would notice her looking at me with a strange expression and then it was gone. About six months after we started learning Latin, we were practicing at mum and dads one afternoon during the week when I could not control myself. Aunt Jane had started to practice in aerobics type clothing that clung to her every curve although she wore a little skirt for modesty. On this particular day both the girls were watching as usual, clapping and egging us on, when it came to the last move where I would lean Aunt Jane backward then I would go down on one knee while holding her up by the small of her back. As we finished that move I looked down into AJ eyes and felt this immense feeling of passion. I think she knew what was coming because I saw her expression change immediately. I slowly moved my right hand up from the small of her back, along her rib cage onto her breast. At the same time I lowered my mouth to hers. I heard AJ gasp as my tongue entered her mouth and tasted the sweetness within. I felt her n—-e harden under my hand before she pushed me away. “Tony…, the girls” she spat. Luckily my back prevented the girls from seeing what had happened between us and they were whooping it up and clapping as usual. “Come-on girls, that’s enough for one day” Aunt Jane said “time we were off”. With that AJ picked up all of her stuff and marched out without a backward glance. Two days later I received a telephone call from AJ. She told me that she had noticed the change between us recently and that she thought it best that we no longer danced together. I apologized for what happened but it did no good. She also told me that she and Barry had been trying for another child, as Barry wanted a son. She had just found out she was eight weeks pregnant and she would use that as an excuse to give up dancing without anyone asking questions. So just like that, it was all over. I didn’t see Aunt Jane until the next family reunion about four months later. She was about six months into her pregnancy and looked fantastic. When she first saw me she gave a little nod and smile of acknowledgement, but nothing more. As usual mom and dad gave their latest dancing display, which everyone loved. Then someone yelled out for AJ and myself to dance. Although we tried to protest a chant went up from everyone. AJ looked across at me and mouthed.. ok? I nodded, moved to the center of the floor and held out my arms. AJ moved into me and as I looked down into her eyes my feelings were re-ignited. “Just a slow waltz Tony, OK” she said. With that, we danced as if we had never stopped practicing. Even though the “baby bump” got in the way a little bit, we were still able to pull off most of our old moves without a problem. We took our bows at the end and I could see the sparkle was back in AJ’s eyes. At about 3.00pm we had to leave because Sharon was working the late shift and I was going to drop her at work on the way back home. As we were saying our goodbyes to everyone Uncle Barry pulled me aside and asked if I drop Aunty Jane off on the way as well. He said that the whole family thing had made her very tired and she need to get some rest. He intended to stay longer with the girls and that way AJ could have some much needed alone time. Naturally I said that I would be more than happy to take her home. As Sharon and I were getting into the car I heard Aunt Jane say “I’m sorry guys, I didn’t know Barry asked you to take me home. I’m ok here”. Sharon immediately protested. “Hey, I’m your nurse!” she exclaimed “I can see you need your rest so get your arse into this car right NOW!” Without a further word Aunt Jane opened the rear door and started to get in. “Oh no you don’t” said Sharon “You get in the front.

I have to be dropped off first so its better that way”. Aunt Jane started to protest but Sharon would not hear anything more about it. As Aunt Jane got in the front seat she said “sorry about this” and I replied that it was no problem. As Sharon talked constantly in the rear I stole glances at AJ. She was wearing a very large maternity dress but it could not hide the sizeable increase in her breast size. On occasion she caught me looking but just gave a little smile. After dropping Sharon off it was only a further five-minute drive before we arrived at Aunty Jane’s home. “Instead of going to an empty home, would you like to come in for a drink” said AJ “Are you sure?, you’re not too tired are you?” I responded “I’m fine” she said, “sometimes Barry just worries too much”. We went inside together and as I waited in the lounge area, Aunt Jane fetched me a beer from the kitchen. We just stood there awkwardly not knowing what to say. Finally Aunt Jane said “I love him you know, your Uncle Barry”. I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t. “He’s a great dad and a wonderful provider. All of my emotional needs are fulfilled.” She continued Wait, did she say emotional needs? What about physical? I looked up and Aunt Jane was standing there looking straight into my eyes. I could see she was nervous as she was nibbling at her bottom lip. I took a deep breath and put my beer down on the table. Aunt Jane’s eyes never left mine as I walked over to her. “I do love him you know” she said again. I said “I know” then reached up and gently removed the comb from her hair. It was the first time I had seen AJ with her hair down as it cascaded over her shoulders. My hand came down and cupped the side of her face. Aunt Jane closed her eyes as if savoring my touch. I then lifted Aunt Jane’s chin and ever so gently ran my tongue across her lips before kissing her properly. AJ opened her mouth and immediately my tongue began to explore her. She invaded my mouth and together the intensity of our kissing increased until we were both gasping for air. As our mouths swayed in unison I lifted my hand to Aunt Jane’s breast, gently coaxed her n—-e to hardness before rolling it between my thumb and finger. My c–k was so hard it was hurting. I don’t think that I had ever been so hard in my life. I am only averagely endowed and partially circumcised but I do think I have a pretty c–k, as far as c—s go. Well it’s not an ugly one anyway. Finally we broke away from each other breathing heavily. Not a word was spoken, Our eyes never left each other’s as we started to undress ourselves. I did not look at AJ and she did not look at me. Finally, when we were both naked we broke away and looked at each other fully. My breath was taken away. Aunt Jane was so beautiful. Her breasts were still milky white and so engorged. There was a sprinkling of freckles with large pink areola and large elongated nipples. Beyond her “baby bump” Aunty Jane kept her pubic hair well trimmed. However, to my surprise her pubic hair was ginger. I could see that Aunt Jane had a very pronounced p—y with large p—y lips. Aunt Jane reached out, took my hard c–k in her hand, and pulled me toward her where we immediately began to kiss again. Ever so slowly we sank to the carpeted floor where Aunt Jane opened her legs and I comfortably settled between them, our lips still locked together. I broke away and looked at Aunt Jane. She gave a slight nod. I placed my c–k at the entrance to her p—y where she took hold and guided me into her most sacred placed. Words cannot describe the heat, the wetness, the invasion, and the love as Aunt Jane’s p—y engulfed my c–k. Our lips locked again as we began to move as one. We settled into our rhythm almost immediately. Our lust and passion lost to the t—-t our lovemaking. We squirmed against each other as the intensity rose. Throwing ourselves faster and harder against each other, as if trying to climb inside the other person. I did not last long. I was spent. My feelings were so intense just being with AJ that I was had almost c-m just kissing her. I could feel the pressure build up within me until I could stand it no longer.

To be continue…..

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