Randy Abbey ‘Surprised’ After Aide To Bawumia Made This Statement About John Mahama

Yesterday the opposition National Democratic Congress in a press conference boldly told the government wake up and fix the country. Sammy Gyamfi who addressed the press called on the Akufo-Addo led government to grant 5 requests in order to alleviate the poor working conditions of Ghanaians and improve the economy.

The five demands included the immediate repeal of the obnoxious and counter-productive E-levy act of %1.5 on MoMo and electronic transaction, the immediate repeal of the punitive Covid-19 Levy of 1% and taxes on NHIL, the scrapping of the fuel taxes, borla taxes, energy sector levy taxes etc. Fourthly, Sammy Gyamfi called for the immediate suspension of the 9 pesewas of the bost margin, price stabilization and recovery levy of 16 pesewas and 14 pesewas per liter for petrol. Lastly, called on Akufo-Addo to get rid of Bawumia, the head of the economic management team and Ken Ofori Atta, the finance minister.

On Good Morning Ghana today, Thursday, August 4, 2022, Dr. Tiah Abdul-Kabiru and John Jinapor joined Dr Randy Abbey to discuss the NDC press conference. According to Dr. Tiah Mahama, what Sammy Gyamfi did was nothing new because he is known for spreading propaganda. The Technical Advisor to the Office of Bawumia noted that Sammy has only returned from the United States to make the system hot.

Interestingly, mentioned that some of the taxes Sammy Gyamfi wants to be removed on fuel will never work. He boldly stated that it was John Mahama who collapsed the Tema Oil Refinery. He blamed the NDC for the hardships in the country. “Our resources are limited but the needs are many. The NDC are just playing Ghanaians. TOR was operating under Kufuor, partially under Mills and collapsed under John Mahama” Tiah Kabiru said.

This statement apparently surprised Randy Abbey who stared. Later Randy Abbey queried if the NPP didn’t know all this before taking over. Randy questioned how TOR could have collapsed under John Mahama. Randy asked for evidence to support the claims. John Jinapor was also left dumbfounded at the claim

It is fascinating to know that no government is perfect but the Akufo-Addo has blamed everyone for the ill fortunes of the economy. The only people they haven’t blamed are themselves. Government communicators have used every opportunity to blame the previous government. This is not surprising as all governments of the 4th Republic have blamed each other when the economy gets frail.

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