Prophet Kumchacha Speaks About HIV/AIDS With A Simple Advice To Women.

The leader and founder of Heavens gate Chapel Internationals speaks about HIV/AIDS on live TV. During the discussion, the host asked Prophet Nichas Kumchacha to speak about how deadly the HIV virus can affect humanity. Prophet Kumchacha then dived into vivid explanation of HIV/ AIDS a he drops a simple advice to Woman about the need to take good care of their homes.

According Prophet Kumchacha, some women are not able to take good care of their husbands. As a result, their husbands cheat on them and they return home with the HIV/ AIDS virus. On this account, Prophet Kumchacha is advising all women who are married to take good care of their husbands in other not to cheat.

” Some men will go and sleep with other ladies and come home to share the AID with their wives. AIDS is very dangerous and it can make you slim and even cause you to vomit. Wives must be careful and handle their Husbands well”. – Prophet Kumchacha stated.

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