Pregnancy: 4 Ways It Ties You Together

Pregnancy is a process that is followed by parenting and affects both the partners in so many ways. Even though there are many assumptions about how the baby becomes the priority leaving the partners with little time for each other, pregnancy can also bring a couple closer to each other. Listed below are 8 things that corroborate how pregnancy brings couples together.

1. Responsibilities

You’ll be surprised to see how active your husband has become during his pregnancy. How can you not smile when your partner willingly takes up all the responsibilities, however tiny they might be? Studies have even suggested that increased male involvement in pregnancy and childbirth is vital for improving health outcomes.

2. Intense intimacy

During pregnancy, your body will experience some interesting changes, and sharing them with your partner could be a new thing for you two. From dealing with insecurities during pregnancy or feeling embarrassed by all the burping, gas, and nausea, your pregnancy will make you two more connected than ever.

3. Emotional support

Being pregnant and unhappy in a relationship is not uncommon. You’re likely gonna be paranoid, anxious, and even depressed. During these times, your partner who’s gonna be your biggest support. Your partner may not tell you all his worries out loud, but he also has his fears.

4. You become a strong team

Keeping your pregnancy a secret would help you avoid the overwhelming advice from friends and acquaintances. Raising a child is a difficult job and would require both of you to work as a team. Before you know it, the nine months would have passed, so truly focus on growing stronger with your partner.

5. Reading pregnancy or parenting books

An important part of preparing for parenting is reading articles and books on pregnancy and parenting. Pregnancy/parenting books are a great activity to acquire helpful information on what to expect during the nine months. This way, you both are updated with valuable information. 

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