Player arrested For Beating A Referee In Argentina.

An Argentine based player has been arrested after beating a referee in a match between Deportivo Garmense and Club Deportivo Independencia.



The player who goes by the name Cristian Tirone has been arrested and suspended for his actions after hitting the referee who happens to be a female in the back of her neck during the match.

Speaking to a local radio station in Argentina, the referee called for action to be taken against the player for his violent conduct. She said “fell after being hit and I don’t remember anything else. When I got up, I felt dizzy and like I wanted to throw up. These kind of acts can’t happen anymore”.

Both the club and Argentina Federation have banned the player for life and are pressing charges against him.

The action is the latest of incidents in Football after referees and several players have called for more protection from either the players themselves or fan invasion of pitches.


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