(Photos) Ghana’s Army Officers Practical Promotion Exams Ends Successfully.

This year’s Army Officers Practical Promotion exams ended successfully at Agogo in the Ashanti region. The candidates were examined on modern security challenge scenarios involving four requirements for both Lieutenants and Captains.

The exams saw about 150 young officers participating from all Units sought to further educate, inform and provide realistic platforms for the officers to practice what they had learnt over the years in the various training schools.

Below are some photos taken during the Practical Promotion Exams;

Maj Gen. Thomas Oppong – Peprah, the Chief of the Army Staff visited the candidates and directing staff at the exams centre and cautioned the candidates to take advantage of the exams to learn new things in security management.

He went on to further commend Lt. Kwofie from 4 Battalion of Infantry for his exemplary leadership quality and determination to succeed in spite of sustaining a major injury during the exams. He said, if all officers and soldiers strive for excellence despite the difficulties they encounter in their line of work, the Ghana Army will be the best with quality officers and soldiers.

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