PF Built Schools, Retaliates Emmanuel Mwamba


PF presidential Aspirant Emmanuel Mwamba says the former ruling party did extremely well in building Schools.

Mwamba says contrary to those trying to water down the records of the PF linking it to a picture of a mud grass thatched rural Community School, Mwamba says the UPND would not have employed the over 30, 000 Teachers if the former ruling party did not construct Schools.

He has called for prioritizing investment in Education sector to change the current statuscore.

Mwamba says:

A picture of newly recruited teachers allegedly arriving at a mud-and-pole school in a rural area has gone viral on social-media.

The narration is that the Patriotic Front lied that it built schools. For how else does the country have such schools 57 years after independence.

Let us set the record straight.

During the last 10 years, the Patriotic Front Government built and increased classroom spaces by 14,000 (primary schools) and 1,337 (for secondary schools).

It built over 110 new secondary schools and increased Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics(STEM) Schools from 7 to 52.

Government also embarked on a programme to upgrade community schools and those unfinished under Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

However, the infrastructure deficit of the last 50 years remains large and government has a mammoth task to double investment in infrastructure in the education sector.

Infact the recruitment of teachers was almost impossible without this critical investment in the educational sector by the Patriotic Front.

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