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People Laughed At Me For Marrying A Mad Man, 3 Days Later, They All Regretted” – Lady Shares Her Story

A young lady has social media buzzing with a surprising tale she’s just shared on her Facebook page of how she’s become the town’s laughing stock since marrying an insane guy and how her friends are now regretting to laugh at her.

This woman, whose name is Susan, shares her touching tale. According to her post seen by, she’s sorry to tell her ‘home story’ but for educational reasons, she’s going to be ok about it.

Her article read as follows:

“My name is Susan, and I am a 25-year-old lady who graduated from university after studying business administration. I began searching for a position almost instantly, but I graduated to no avail. Life was really complicated for me. I’m from a family of six daughters, three girls and three boys. And I’m the oldest daughter and the second to be born.

Stuff that are going pretty good for all my siblings, except me. I just have been trying to make the ends meet and pay my bills. My life friendship was empty. In reality, no man wanted to have anything to do with me, they always dump me after a few weeks of dating. Maybe it’s because I’m not attractive or sexy enough. But one day, I kept dreaming that I might meet my soul mate.

One day, when I noticed an ugly looking crazy guy staring at me, I came back from my work search. He seemed very hungry and haunted. I felt pity for him, so I bought him some treats and a soft drink of coke, he consumed it instantly. Then I went on my road home. Unknowingly, he accompanied me to where I was staying. I was shocked to see someone banging at my doors. I asked him why he was pursuing me, and he grinned and replied, “Because you are so kind and beautiful.”

“I was surprised that the insane guy spoke English fluently like anyone who lived overseas. We became good friends after that day. He used to knock on my house, and I offered him food. Often we sit outside and chat about life, he’s very wise, and I keep thinking why he looks crazy. I have wanted to send him some of my big polo shirts to put on to look a little decent. People and my neighbors, who witnessed the repeated visit of an insane man, began to whisper about me. That I had a friendship with an insane guy. In many times, I was insulted and embarrassed.

Our relationship lasted for a couple of months, and then I knew that I had a romantic feeling for him. He also admitted to me that he was in love with me. I was puzzled at first, but then I chose to obey my spirit. The crazy man mentioned it to me, and I acknowledged it. The story exploded like a flame, and my relatives heard about it. My parents were very disappointed in me and declined to bless my union. Still I didn’t give up, I was in love with him.

We had a tiny wedding service in the church, although not a lot of people came, our news was shared on blogs and distributed online. The headline was called “Man mad gets married.” All my friends were disappointed in me, and they ridiculed me for marrying a bad, filthy crazy guy. My husband and I moved to my one-bedroom apartment and began enjoying our lives as a couple. Three days later, something very miraculous occurred. A few white men and women and an elderly Nigerian couple came knocking at our gates. The couple claimed they were my husband’s kin. They gave me the facts with the frames.

They claimed he had fled from the facility where he had been hospitalized after an accident that had damaged his brain and mind seven months earlier. And they’ve been searching for hi since then, before they saw his wedding photographs on the internet of me. His family was really wealthy and established in London. His parents praised me for helping them locate their son and told me to accompany him internationally so that he might be able to finish his care because I was his mom. They treated him, offered him a makeover, and my husband became so handsome and mature. He wasn’t crazy anymore.

News of the true name of the insane guy I married have circulated around the Internet. My relatives and friends noticed it, and they began telling me to apologise. They were so sorry for their behavior. My husband’s family wasn’t just wealthy, they were billionaires. I knew how fortunate I was to be. He got stronger, he and his family treated me very well with affection and presents, and even though he was angry, he praised me for loving him. My life has improved for the better.”

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