Once You Viewed These Funny Pictures, You Can Not Stop Laughing.

Hi, brothers and sisters, I have hilarious pictures for you today.

Things that will cause you to laugh are funny. Just take your time and after going through the following pictures, you will agree with me that they are indeed funny.

1. It is indeed true that some people are ugly whiles others are very beautiful/handsome but the fact is that we can’t see inner beauty as postulated by some ugly people that inner beauty is better than outer beauty. It is funny.

Please it is not my handwriting ooo.

2. Hmm, if that is the case that it means that Ladies are also using this strategy by dating many boys to confuse their rivals from attacking their main boys? This is so controversial.

3. Girls love money more than six-packs so please don’t waste your time in the gym for six-packs to attract girls but rather work hard and make money to attract them.

4. Ninety-nine percent of the ladies have already given their virginity to their boyfriends as Valentine’s day gifts or birthday gifts before marrying their husbands. This is funny but advisable.

5. Hear this one too. No wonder some guys are having memory cards in their chest that is why they love more than one girl/boy. Please can remove the memory card and insert the pen drive because that one has more space.

6. Dear men, this is your post.

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