OMO! Alex Ekubo Beaten Mercilessly – See How Pitiful He Looks

Alex Ekubo is a Nigerian talent actor, he rose to fame with the help yemi Alade song titled ‘ Johnny’ a song that was produced by selebobo, Alex was the johnny, a playboy that was busy sleeping with the young girls in the community including yemi Alade and got all the ladies pregnant in the village.

Since the role of johnny, he played in Yemi Alade’ s music video he has been playing the same character in most of his movies, where so many girls will be fighting just to have him as either their boyfriend or husband but Alex being a playboy plays them both.

A picture of him was seen on the internet where he was beaten, and his face with blood, the question is, is it a movie set or was it actually real?

The picture looks like he was heavily beaten with both of his eyes swollen and reddish.

Well I think it’s a movie set, Alex Ekubo is at it again.

Alex is not just an actor he’ s also a motivational speaker and a fashionista, a man with a good dress sense.

He’ s a graduate from the university of calabar but a native of port Harcourt, born in the year 1986, he’ s currently 34 years of age, He was the first runner up in the Mr. Nigeria contest in 2010. Alex is a friend to many actors in the movie including but he’ s mostly seen with Ik Ogbonna, I think that’ s his best Nollywood friend.

Though he came into the movie industry a few years back he has done more than those that were in the acting role before him. Alex has appeared in more than 60 Nigerian excluding Tvshows.

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Here are some of his recent photos:

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