NPP Sends Strong Warning To Former Executives; Demanding They Return Party Assets Within One Week

All previous regional and constituency executives have received a message from Justin Kodua Frimpong, the NPP’s general secretary, instructing them to surrender all party-owned vehicles and other property to the party within a week. Some of these former CEOs are reportedly keeping possession of assets under their control.

The next generation of CEOs are now concerned as a result of this. A meeting of the National Steering Committee is stated to have been required as a result of the situation, and it was determined that all assets that the former executives still had “should be returned to the respective Regional and Constituency Party Executive Committees.”

The letter dated Tuesday, August 2, 2022 states that “the absence of these assets has made it difficult for the newly elected Party executives to carry out their responsibilities, which development is adversely affecting the conduct of Party activities.”

The National Steering Committee authorized the General Secretary to write to all former executives asking them to return the properties within a week. As has typically been the case, CEOs are allowed to use Party assets but cannot afterwards claim ownership of them.

“In view of the foregoing, the Party is hereby giving all such former executives a one-week deadline to comply with this directive,” the notice reads. Former constituency executives’ assets will be retrieved under the supervision of current regional executives, with national treasurer oversight at the regional levels.

Link: https://3news.com/return-all-party-property-within-one-week-npp-orders-former-executives/

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