Not All Woman Love Money, All They Need Is True Love and a Caring Guy

The love of good and expensive life has driven most ladies into wanting everything luxurious. They want to live in beautiful mansions in posh areas; they want to ride in nice cars; eat good food; use expensive gadgets; buy expensive dresses; and use expensive make ups and hairs, etc.

This pushes them to moving towards people who they feel can provide all these and sometimes hurting the ones who can’t.

Hence, the notion that ladies love money should also be considered cause not all ladies really want your mmoney. There are ladies out there who do not really care about the financial security a man has to offer. This set of ladies are not limited only to the rich ones but even the broke ones. There are broke exposed girls who are not moved by luxuries and flaunting it.

There are ladies who are looking for simplicity, honesty and love. All they want is someone who will show them love and care, shower them with attention and affection and stick with them no matter their flaws.

Everyone loves money and everybody needs money though, but not all ladies you come across are so impressed by cash and luxury. Even if they may desire it, but they’re not actually dating you cause of that.

Women also need love and affection, attention and quality time. Sometimes a simple compliment or gesture is all that is needed to kick things off. That lady you see around looking all sexy and serious, just say hi and let her know she looks beautiful, tell her the shoes are pretty, offer to get her a pack of pop corn and you might just be surprised how things will roll.

Purge that mentality of “all women love money” and all they want and care for is cash. You will be spending a lot of money on women and attracting the wrong ones. All men love money too, everybody does. We all want the good life and financial security, stop picking on the ladies.

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