No more nudes sliding in your Instagram DMs as new protection is set to be installed

Ever find an unsolicited nude sliding in your DMs or other unwanted adult content making its way to your Instagram inbox?

The bad news is that if you are an aficionado of nudism, you might have to find another method to distribute your OnlyFans content – as the photo-sharing social network is working toward ridding the platform of sending and receiving nudes via direct messages.

According to a well-versed social network leaker, the Meta-owned social network is working on a Nudity Protection which is set to “securely detect and cover nudity” by scanning photos that may contain nudity in chats.

App analyst and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who accurately predicted the launch of Snapchat+, a paid and verified subscription of Snapchat, recently tweeted an Instagram screenshot of the expected Nudity Protection feature.

Paluzzi’s post on Twitter stated that Instagram couldn’t access photos. Still, the feature will likely flag or prevent recipients from receiving such content.

Based on the screenshot, users will be able to turn the feature on and off through settings within the app. They will also be able to access safety tips when encountering nude content.

The new Instagram features come on the tail-end of stricter enforcement of community guidelines after Pornhub lost over 13 million followers and more than 6200 posts when the platform banned the adult website’s account.

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Despite abiding by Instagram’s guidelines, Pornhub had its account taken down recently amid growing backlash from several activist groups, some of which strongly campaign to rid the internet of adult content while making a push for social networks to enforce stricter guidelines.

In addition to the Nudity Protection features, Paluzzi also shared that the social network was working on several other features expected to make their way to the platform.

Instagram’s rumoured new Nudity Protection which is set to “securely detect and cover nudity” by scanning photos that may contain nudity in chats, according to App analyst and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. PHOTO: Alessandro Paluzzi

Among the new features, Instagram is reportedly working on the ability to replace an audio track in its TikTok-rivaling video sharing feature – Reels, when a selected audio is no longer available after posting.

Due to copyright laws in various regions, audio tracks often uploaded by users within the app, which are found to cause infringements, are removed, leaving Reels without any audio – the new feature is set to prevent this.

Instagram is also expected to offer users the ability to change where to deliver message requests from verified accounts as well as a “Popular Business on Instagram” badge awarded to businesses with high engagement.

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