Nine Important Things You Need To Understand About Girls

Everyone knows that girls are always secretive but exceptions are always there. There is a saying that “nothing can be digested in a girl’s stomach” but it’s also true that if there is any strong motive behind it, she can hide the truth up to any extent.

For acting out, she gossips others drawbacks but hide her own faults. Sometimes she hides bitter truths for the sake of others good. Below are things you need to Know about girls.

BEAUTY SECRETS. Not a single girl will ever tell you the actual reason for looking beautiful or different because they have strong myths. Even if they are wearing makeup or have done cosmetic surgeries, they won’t reveal the truth or obvious reasons.

JEALOUSY/INSECURITIES. If any girl is jealous about someone or something, they can hide it well by not uttering a word for that but may be her moves can easily allow you to know the reason of her weird activities.

MISTAKES. In any argument with boys be it boyfriend, husband, brother for at the time for settlement she accepts her mistakes but from inside she “WON’T”. She is deeply influenced by her own thoughts that she was right in that very argument.

HOSTILITY. She might not like your close friends either male or female but she will never let them know her thoughts about them and will pretend to be nice.

DESCRIPTION. She won’t let you know that she compares you with her previous partner so that she doesn’t want to spoil your mood. (applicable to both male and female may be)

RELATIONSHIPS. It is said that for every relationship truth is the base but may be some girls don’t want to reveal their past in front of her present partner. For her greed she denies her past link ups.

She want you to know the reason behind her sadness by yourself or by pampering by asking several times without being irritated. Basically she want your full attention every time but most importantly at the time when she feels low or is angry. At that time if you ask her “Is anything wrong?” she will most probably nod to say “NO” but you must be sure that her “NO” means a definite “YES”.

WISHES. She wants the same attention and care from you as if you are at the starting of the relationship till the lifetime. But she won’t ever ask your on her own.

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