Newly Wedded Wife Petitions A Court To Divorce Her Husband Because Of His Big Something

A newly wedded wife named Aisha Dannupuwa has approached a Sharia court to end her one-week-old marriage to her husband. The reason she gave for wanting to end the marriage is that her husband’s manhood is too big.

The woman was previously married and had three children in her first marriage before she divorced him and remarried after her failed marriage. Aishat told the court in her statement that has tradition demanded, she first moved to her parent’s house before she later moved to her husband’s house where the marriage was consummated.

However, according to her, instead of enjoying the lovemaking, it was a nightmare to her as she went through great pains because of the big size of the husband’s manhood. She said the experience was terrible which left her private part in great pain as she endured the ordeal while it lasted.

She said she later took medications prepared by her mother who assured and encouraged her that she would get used to it. She said two days later after the first experience, her husband visited her again but the pain was too much for her to bear. She then realized she could no longer continue with the marriage because of her husband’s big manhood which made her approach the court to dissolve the marriage.

Her husband agreed with his wife’s confession and pleaded with the court to grant her request and dissolve the marriage.

Do you think that was a good enough reason to divorce her husband?

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