Never Do These Things If You Want God To Answer Your Prayers, Especially No 4

What is a Prayer? Prayer is a Communication between a man and God. And this the only way that we can communicate to the Almighty God in heaven. Have you ever asked yourself why some People’s are answered Immediately, while some God take too long too answer their Prayers.

In this article, I am going to give Secrets that will create open heavens upon your life in order experience answered Prayers.1. Sinning

What is Sin? Sin is an act against God’s Will. Sin can separate from God, and can also annoy the Almighty God. God is very Jealousy with his People.

When you are a Christian, and you go against the will of God, do not expect to reap any fruits from God. Sinning is a sign of dishonesty before God.

2. Avoiding Fasting

When Jesus knew that he was going to face Temptations ahead, he committed himself into deep prayers. Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights. Fasting is a Spearhead of God’s blessing into Your life.

As a Christian, just take atleast 1 day a week and Fast. Fasting will strengthen your faith and you will also grow and mature Spiritually TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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