NDC Vice Chairman Reacts To Party’s Preferred Candidate Between Alan And Bawumia

The National Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Alhaji Said Sinaire has said that the NDC family has no interest in whoever leads the New Patriotic Party in the 2024 general elections.

According to Alhaji Said Sinaire, the National Democratic Congress is ready to face whoever the NPP will present to them as their candidate with assurance of victory.

In an exclusive interview with Yakubu Umar Kunateh on Home Radio Network, Alhaji Said Sinaire confirmed the readiness of the National Democratic Congress party to face any New Patriotic Party candidate for the 2024 elections

He said the National Democratic Congress will win the 2024 elections in a hard way, whether Bawumia or Alan Kyeremateng being the flag bearer of the NPP.

“We have learnt our lessons from the 2020 general elections and will not repeat history, we are ready to work hard to win the 2024 elections wether the New Patriotic Party present Bawumia or Alan Kyeremateng ” Alhaji Said Sinaire told Yakubu

His Excellency Alhaji Said Sinaire is a former member of parliament for Ayawaso Central, former Ambassador to Egypt, former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the current national vice chairman of the National Democratic Congress.

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