Nana Ama McBrown Confirms Undergoing Liposuction But Not Butt Enhancement

Pulchritudinous Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama McBrown has confirmed reports that she has resorted to liposuction to look more alluring to her spectators.

According to the screen goddess, it was a unanimous agreement between her and her husband to undergo the liposuction. She decided to do it and was fully supported by her husband.

“It is true, I have done liposuction,” she stated on UTV on Saturday, August 6.

She however renounced speculations that she has worked on her butt as well.

“I have not done my bums,” she stated.

She said the rationale behind her decision to go for the liposuction was a tough circumstance and that was why her husband supported it.

She said after childbirth, she had exercised to trim her tummy but all her efforts proved futile.

It was as a result that she went in for the tummy procedure.

The popular TV host said she would not advise anyone to go for liposuction like she did as her reason was special.


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