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My Wife Used 2 Hours in the Bathroom and I Caught Her Doing This – Man Reveals

Happiness in marriage is not guarantee because so many people jump into marriage without doing a proper consideration on what what will sooth them or what will not sooth them.

This particular man whose name will not be revealed so as not to violate any laws and platform’s rules and to avoid lawsuit, he went on a popular social media platform known as Twitter to reveal all that happened between him and his wife.

According to the man’s explanation, his wife do stay long in the bathroom and it was up to 2 hours that his wife was in the bathroom and then he decided to check on her in the bathroom but he caught her in a sad act and dishonest act.

Although no marriage is perfect and all intending couples should know that but it is not to the level of performing this kind of act all in the name of satisfying ourselves.

However, the man made it known that he caught his wife red handed in the bathroom and she was calling her sugar boy

According to the man’s tweet, he said that, “This is a clear sign to every lady/wife that is engaging in this kind of act to stop it.

I know this is a personal matter but I want others to learn from this. My wife spend 2hrs in the bathroom so I decided to check on her and I caught calling her sugar boy”

But this is really one of the sad aspect of marriage and it really needs to be dealt with ultimate care and wisdom.

Furthermore, if we look at the case of this man, can we know say that the woman is wrong or the man should be blamed?.

In your own view, do you think the man should be blamed or the woman? what can you say about this whole thing that has transpired between the couples?



    1. For a woman to have sex out side their marriage is bad, if you tired of the marriage you can quick and go into a full prostitute to enjoying yourself than to hide somebody house an be messy up the man

  1. It is so sad that nowdays everything happening in our lives is hurriedly rushed out to the public. Marriage has some hidden doors whereby if opened wrongly they allow the attacks of the enemy and sealing of some issues becomes difficult. Public opinion will not bring back their lost gloru unless they all cometo agreement that they are wrong n accept one another in the midst of their mistakes with the goal of living faithful to themselves and to the xommunity plus their parents family

  2. It is not really easy to live life. I can’t apportion blames here cause both sides have not been heard . So all I can say, is that they should sit round table and talk about what they feel that is not the way they want it and by God’s mercy, they will find solutions to it..for what God can not do does not exist. #NSPPD FIREPRAYERS 7AM..MON-FRIDAY.

    1. In my own opinion here is the woman in question was in love with her so called sugar boy and she only gets married to the Man either for materials wealth or be forced to him

      1. May the Lord bless you, some men are found of been deceived of the thought that a woman that commits adultery can be cautioned or changed , nope you can’t stop the act in them , some acts are inherited from parents, some are inhibited right from there school days, some are as the result of been greed , so an adulterer is always an adulter’Na to die with, I have a woman in Whatsapp in such occation , corrected her on several occasion , she deed another till we separated for like 3 times , finally departed on the 4th time

  3. I think both are wrong, the man didn’t do a right thing to air our that news on social platforms, they should have sit down and discuss to see the root cause. The lady was totally wrong because she didn’t tell her husband how she feels or how powerful her feelings are rather than doing that inhuman and ungodly act herself.
    These couples are lacking Jesus, they have to sit down and discuss to find the root cause of it, then solve and will never be the same.

      1. I will blame the woman..I’m a woman and will never take sides with a promiscuous wife..Most women don’t love geniunely .. Reasons most couple’s kills partners!..Must one get married by force..Some just love walking down the aisle and useless acts continues…To be sincere,many men like this wife too bt in this case , the wife at fault.

  4. If she decides to leave you in the bedroom and go into the toilet with a sugar daddy, it means her satisfaction is from the sugar daddy and you are there for material support. So the ball is in your court, Mopfuwa vamwe vachikama here?

    1. How do we know if this man is d type that is ‘ALWAYS RIGHT’
      Talking 4rm experience, a man once asked his wife ‘who taught u’ and ‘who told u that some thing else is missing 2 be enjoyed in bed other than d one’ I ur husband do?
      This means u are seeing another man.
      If this man is like that guy that troubled this way, how can d partner really communicate her feelings?

  5. Drive her out to go and meet her sugar boy, to your wife, you are a bitter husband, how will you tolerate to continue living with your enemy

  6. All I have to say is that the wife should stop those bad Abit and focused on her husband,and again let her be very close to God Almighty

    1. Pls let the man search his heart and make sure he’s not the type of husband who never see anything good in the wife or who keeps secret and pretend to his wife but never satisfy the wife when it comes to conjugal relationship with his wife cos it takes only a God fearing woman to continue suffering in silence untill death do them part so let the woman open up so they both can be prayed for and let her remember their mari vow and will forgive them

    2. To be correct her once or twice , if noticed again drive the idiot out before poisoning you’if you ask her she will be telling you that the husband also have side chick , is that an excuse, I driven my idiot out, and gotten another a sober and submissive wife , otherwise next step is to elemi ate the man biko

  7. if they man does his job well I don’t think his wife should cheat on him.his is to care for her asexually, emotionally.and other wise.

  8. Man and woman, whether you are married or unmarried, Listening to me,after hellfire,is wrong marriage, how do you started from the beginning is the matter,if you started well and you discovered this act,I beseech you joung man, pray for your wife,by God grace she will change, additional,any one who lives in this categories, hellfire is your home, finally my beloved brethren, repent for the kingdom of God Is at hand.

    1. Which one is hell fire here , minister of Justice, too ego centric, defiating from the truth , why do t you mention adultery ‘Suke’

  9. If was the man I will not as her I will drive her to her suger boy what kind of bath do someone do like that for two hour I no it will end like that

  10. Please ask God to give you the wisdom to manage your family. I believe that it is this God that made you to see the order side of your wife. Please be calm and quiet about it for now and be watchful over the activities of your wife. You are dealing with an enemy within. Your life is important

  11. Forgive her and God Almighty will forgive u too, love ur wife and she will changed. Pls,give her second chance.

  12. That’s how some of the woman lost their marriage because of so call satisfaction, and their so call sugar boy will not marry them after making them lost their marriage, let the man think well and know what to do,if not she will kill him one day.

    1. Prayer? Firstly, both search their spiritual life, if it’s not balancing in Christ? If not, they should receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior before PRAYER, God does not answer the prayer of rebellious ones.

  13. Ask her why she did dat to u
    Take to her let her explain her intentions
    Also pray for her
    And also make sure u are always with her
    Make her feel satisfy

  14. A lady who will cheat,will cheat “nothing like she’s not satisfied…
    Even if her husband doesn’t satisfy her as a man “that doesn’t give her the morale to cheat on his husband besides she supposed to help her man out than give his husband property to her sugar boy “that’s absolutely abomination!!

    1. Anonymous, I always like you for one thing , facts , know the truth say the truth and it shall set you free, there is no perfect man anywhere , why was she I the marriage initially? is it now she know the man is not up to the task , even the sugar boy will soon become dormant and she move on too another guy again , so take Yahoo boy go carry bad luck give her come go transfer to the hubby , the woman is a curse carrier , they suppose throw the idiot load outside

  15. Send her to her sugar boy. That’s where her heart belongs. If you continue with her, she will be treating you with hatred and praying for you to die why she inherit your wealth…….. She belongs to the street, there is nothing to be careful with.

    1. Marriage of today is different from the marriage values of 19900’s. It’s common practice in families. Most Men women enjoy out marriage relationship more than there first Decision. Better God should give a new generation, because it’s not a New’s neither a sin in the eyes of Today’s Humanity

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