My Sugar Daddy Divorced His Wife To Be With Me; I’m Very Happy – Ghanaian Lady Says

A young Ghanaian lady probably between the ages of 20 and 30 years has expressed her happiness after her Sugar Daddy divorced his wife to be with her. Speaking in the video, the young lady said that she has dated many young guys but all ended in tears. This is because most Ghanaian young guys have one reason or the other to cheat on their girlfriends no matter how good they treat them. But Sugar Daddies do not cheat on their girlfriends and they also know how to take good care of ladies.

According to him, her Sugar Daddy was living in abroad with his wife but they are now separated. He divorced his wife in order to be with her. She didn’t explain in detail what lead to their divorce but according to this young lady, she is so happy that the elderly man left his wife to be with her. If you look at the facial expression of this elderly man, he will be between the ages of 50 and 55 years old. He is old enough to be the daughter of the young lady but this lady still claims she is in love with him.

This is what the lady said in the video, “Hello, guys. Did I tell you that my Sugar Daddy is married? My Sugar Daddy divorced his wife in the United States of America. They are no longer together and I am extremely happy to be with him. He gives me peace of mind. He is not like young guys who maltreat their girlfriends no matter how good the lady is”.

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