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My Neighbour’s Wife Is Crushing on Me

Recently I had new neighbours, ( a couple ) move into a 4 bedroom flat next to mine. As I usually work at home, and also trying to be a good neighbour, I helped them unload their stuff and acted as a tour guide giving them a scope about the neighborhood & heads up on likely people to make friends with, those to avoid and the general chi-chat.

I love pretty good looking ladies, real eye catcher with all the contours & curves at the right places, one that would make even a devout man pause in his meditations and that a second look at earth’s most loveliest creature! My neighbour’s wife fall into this category. During my little visit, I found it hard to keep my eyes off her and I had to summon a lot of strong will to focus on her husband who was a lot older than her. At first I thought he was her father but after the introductions, It turned out they were a couple.

I would have liked very much to befriend this beautiful wonderfully made Lady, but being married I couldn’t do anything but to admire from afar.

After 2 months, things started to play out. Her husband was away for two solid weeks ( this I know because He told me over a dinner invite. He was a very good conversationalist and had a good sense of humor. We played checkers together most weekends and we had good arguments & debates about the Government & Society) He made me promise to take care of his Wife while on his business trip!

And so it began, His wife started teasing me, flaunting her beautiful body at the slightest opportunity. During my morning exercises, she would watch me through her window. Working at my balcony, I would still see her watching me. The moments felt awkward to me, so to ease up, I would smile and ask about her day & her Husband and if she needs anything to call on me.

Then it happened. She wanted to borrow something at my house , I can’t remember what exactly because what she said to me that night made me forget about my work and most vital things for days to come!

She came silently through the door wearing only a short transparent nightie and cat walked slowly towards me as if she knew she was good to look at, and liked you to look at her. I was looking all right. She looked like a nurse out of a magical fairy tale; the type that sends your temperature haywire every time you see her! Light skinned, her lips scarlet, her black beautiful eyes inviting, her curves as exciting & alive and as hot as a burning flame strained against her nightie. If ever she had to nurse me, I would be bed ridden for the rest of my life!

Reaching me, she sat on my lap, her hands gently caressing my head and she spoke these words that would forever be sculptured in my heart;

“John, from the very first day I set my eyes on you, I knew I wanted you. I see you in my dreams, when I cook, when I read, when I eat, in short no matter what I do, all I think about is you. Am crazy for you and I know you want me too. I can see it in your eyes!”

It was like a bombshell! I just stared at her, saying nothing, doing nothing. It was as if I were in a Trance!

Seeing my reaction, she just smiled and brushed her lips against mine and told me I know where to find her and then she went out as silently and as enchanting as she came.

I have always had this burning passion for her and I daydream about her almost everyday, and here she comes telling me about her huge crush on me and leaving me an open ticket!

What should I do?

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