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“My Mom Forces Me To Have S3x With Her Whenever My Dad Travels”- Son Shares And Seeks Forgiveness

Out world of today is retail strange thing to live in. No doubt the scriptures tell nothing but the truth for they have made all this current happenings in the world as a sign of the end time to man. We see series of videos, images and even interviews on shows for which we hear or see nothing but the undesirable.

A young boy took to social media a post for which he confessed an act his mum forced him to do as he asks for forgiveness and interventional prayers from other users. This was what he shared:

He tagged himself to be anonymous as he did not want any of the identity of both of them ( The boy and his mom) to be known. This has left many people reacting as they jabbed and rained insults on the mom for being irresponsible.

Any advise for this young boy? Let your suggestions be heard in the comments section below.

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