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My Husband Told Me He Was a Car Dealer Only For Me to Discover After Our Wedding That He Lied to Me

I have been in tears since the first week of my wedding, and totally confused about what to do.

I had a very strict upbringing which prevented me from getting too close to my husband before we got married. I met my husband in my hairdressing salon seven months ago.

He was driving pass and saw me outside, and parked his car and came outside. He talked to me briefly and introduced himself. He was a very friendly and jovial guy, and I liked him immediately.

We became friends, and he visited often. He was always coming to my shop every day with different cars. I asked him what he was doing that he could afford so much cars, and he laughed and told me that he was a car dealer.

A car dealer? I was impressed. And it was clear he was doing so well in his business, considering the kind of cars he was always bringing to see me everyday. So when he asked me out, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to him.

I was proud of him. I was always quick to show him off to my friends at my salon.
“Meet my guy, he’s a car dealer.” Those words gave me a deep sense of pride.

I never visited him for once, because I come from a very strict home, and visiting a man you’re not yet married to was against my doctrines.

Just four months into our dating, he proposed to me, and I accepted. That was the point I should have suspected that something was wrong, because immediately he proposed to me he began to complain about his business. He said business was bad, and he could barely afford the wedding.

My business was doing well, and I had some savings. And more so, I wasn’t getting any younger, so I wanted to settle down. Apart from that, business is about high and low moments, so I was hopeful that things would get better for him again soon. And what would I be doing in his life if I could not support him in his low moments?

So I handed my savings to him to assist him with the wedding arrangements. He said that when he sold his cars he was going to return the money back to me, although I was not bothered about him repaying the money.

Two months after the proposal, we had a very beautiful wedding. I was the happiest woman in the world that day, getting married to the most loving man in the world in the presence of my family and friends.

My joys knew no bounds. I couldn’t wait to go home with him and start a family with him.

But you can imagine how my joy was shortlived when I went home with him and discovered that the man I got married to was different from the man he told me he was. He is not a car dealer, but works in a car-wash.

He doesn’t have a single car, neither is he dealing with cars. He works in a car-washing place for someone. So anytime a customer brought a car for him to wash, after washing the car, he would drive the car around a bit, and that was how he saw me. That explains why he was always coming to my shop every day with different cars.

My husband deceived me into marrying him. I feel ashamed of myself. I have been in tears ever since. I don’t know why he did this to me. How can I tell my family and friends that he is a car-washer, and not a car-dealer as I earlier told them?

My younger sister called me a few days ago and said she wanted to come and visit us, but I told her not to come. I lied to her that I wanted to travel, because I didn’t want her to come and find out the truth and take the news home. But how long will I continue to live like this?

Right now I am confused, and I don’t know what to do. And I desperately in need of advice on what to do.

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  1. He might be testing if you truly love him by saying that, look closely to his life your heart will tell you who he truly is.

  2. God is ur only solution my dear, commit ur spirit in him, u will have solutions to the problems u r facing. Pray and u will have answers

  3. Be careful before you do anything,” he is a worker at a certain car wash company”, you said .then its impossible for him to be driving his boss’s customers cars every day think about it.there high chances that he owns a car company like he said at first or something else you should find out is fishy because one of the customers would have gotten mad on him for driving his car and you would have seen him once coming on foot.

  4. I wonder what kind of marriage counseling you had. Because a serious counseling will have discovered this. But this is unfortunate and seriously a divorce is possible.

  5. Love is greater than anything….. He did that cox he loved you and sacrificed peoples resources and further risking his job to impress you ….its hard but looking the other side… He is not wrong

    Love the dude not the job
    God will shock u if you and promote your guy

  6. that guy is childish and you must be extra careful pantu takwete insoni.because shame is the sign of humanity… Careful my sister

    1. My friend here is right forgive your hubby and move on,wealth will come later,he lied in order to marry you YES but there is future put everything in Gods hand

  7. Ask ur self if u were ready for it, because it seem u were after his wealth and now that u have discover that he has nothing u are fate up. If truely u love him from ur heart give him a chance but if it was because of the things (cars) he show u then divorce him. Be very careful check whether he is not hiding his real identity from u just to know how u will reack in times of discuilties

  8. Don’t waste your time just dirvoce the bagger. He is a big cheat who might cost your life in the near future. Separate now

    1. life is hard but I’m sure that the truth is good in anything we do,even the Bible says when you say the truth and the truth will set you free. so the man is a big lie and you also as a ladie how can you have a wedding with a man whom you have not visited to his home or his family members.. what kind of relationship was that one,,,divorce if you want but remember to find out from him what made him to lie on you

  9. Just forgive him and God will bless you because no one is perfect in this world if you check you can’t say you have never lies wat is done is done if you divorce him you will lose more than him

    1. This is very clever,he is just testing you if you’re truly love him for not telling you he’s true careful my sister who knows maybe it is his company.

  10. Just forgive him and God will bless you because no one is perfect in this world if you check you can’t say you have never lies wat is done is done if you divorce him you will lose more than him

  11. Look he liked to you in the first place so even that marriage is a lie so divorce him before it’s too late to do anything about it

  12. Too bad for you. I would say you barely knew this guy and you were obviously impressed by the different cars he came to see you with. The period of you dating before he proposed and the time you had that beautiful wedding after he proposed says a lot about your impatience. Now you are married to him so forgive him and move together as husband and wife ….you could have taken your time …

    1. Don’t waste your time just dirvoce the bagger. He is a big cheat who might cost your life in the near future. Separate now

  13. Forgiveness is the key to ETERNITY/greatness. You looked at the outlet not innermost at the first meeting. Start afresh together with new direction from God and ALL SHALL ALWAYS BE well with you all IJCMN. JOSHUA 1 : 8.

  14. The only sad thing is that he wasnt truthful on what he was doing. He should have told you the truth but lying was the best way to get you according to him. He knew if he went with the truth, then you wouln’t have said yesss. Now you have already gotten into him and he is your hasband. Forgive him and start a new life together, see also if he can start a business of his own then you can help and thats the reason why you joined him. At some point when you feel are READY, you can reveal it to your family. Remember Love superceeds material things and you already said he is a loving man. He needs your support.

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