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My Husband Takes Long In The Bathroom, So I Barged In And Caught Him Doing This

Often times, women from all walks of life, especially Nigerian women, think that marriage is an easy journey to just get involved and start life. They believe that marriage is all about roses, but they never know that the path of marriage is never easy. If you don’t have what it takes to stay in touch, you don’t have what it takes to own a home and a wedding.

Marriage is the only institution that will issue you as a spouse with a certificate prior to entry. This means that those who have obtained a certificate will no longer have a diploma. Then it’s better for the worst. Yes, you will weather the storms and face the challenges that will arise in a long-term marriage.

Any woman who fails to run a family has failed to defend the home and utterly failed as a woman. As a woman, marriage is not just about a tall and handsome man who you will marry and become your husband. Getting married to a tall, handsome rich guy is fine, but did you know that it doesn’t end there? What if the guy you called your man didn’t really love you, then what would you do?

Now is my sad story that I want to learn from our young girls. Please watch me tell my sad story to you, my readers.

My name is Isabella and I am a woman who has been married for 21 years. I live here in Accra Ghana with my husband. Even though we haven’t had children of our own and are in no rush, we hope and believe that God will bless us with our own children.

Before I married my husband, I never intended to do this. Despite the fact that he is rich and handsome, I never wanted to marry him because he was too old for me. My husband is 45 years old and only 21 years old. You can imagine the big difference between our age difference. And I practically stick with him and do what he wants because he’s my senior.

I never wanted to marry him my age, but my parents forced me to marry him. My father threatened not to teach me at university if I didn’t marry him. He said he would carry on from the last part he left. My father told me that it would be very difficult for me to find another applicant who was as rich as him. However, my mother persuaded me to marry her and assured me that I would have luxury and live comfortably.

After we got married, my husband displayed some attitudes he never showed me. He stood outside at night and stayed in the bathroom for hours whenever he returned home. I tried to warn him about it, but he always told me it’s all about business. Staying up late is based on business.

I took the time to tell my friend Isabella, my childhood friend, the whole problem of how my husband always came home late and how long it would be in the bathroom, she suggested something. He told me to attack him while he was in the bathroom and find out what he always did there. At first I refused because he could make me do it, but on second thought I agreed to do it.

Around 11pm, my husband returned late as usual and went to the bathroom as usual after dinner. He stayed there for about 45 minutes. Then I encourage people to do what my friend tells me to, because that’s the only way I can understand what got him so far. I forcefully pushed into the bathroom and when she saw me my husband was trying to turn off his laptop, so I was fast enough to take the laptop from him. Then I saw the chats he had with several people on his laptop.

I asked him what he was doing with such chatter because I saw where he was going, he gave a suspicious answer. Then I found out that my husband was involved in an internet scam called Yahoo Boys. He asked me several times not to tell anyone. Because it will damage his image and personality.

I was struggling in my mind not to tell anyone. I didn’t know whether to tell my parents or his own parents, my pastor, or report it to the police. Please, what should I do in this situation, because even Christianity and Islam as dakwah religions are against all forms of deception?


  1. Who are you reporting too again, which kind advice is that after you write this to the whole world but to my surprise your write up is nonsense pls think well next time and keep managing your husband because the the Bible says marriage is sweetable in all men …it is well with you

  2. The story doesn’t hold no water. She said her husband stayed long in the bathroom, but the story turned around. Instead of surprising her husband in the bathroom, she ended up telling us that her husband was in the bedroom not bathroom again, pressing his laptop and accused him of chatting with girls.

    Stop giving stories that are baseless here with captivating tittles that end making no sense.

    1. The beginning of the story was so compelling one wanted to go on reading. Progressing to the end was out of curiosity, but nay, not worth it. Why do you even bother to fool us readers with such senseless read? You waste our time.

      1. I thought the writer was so much mature,but it seems she still has childish brain,why fool adults and waste time for them there is no difference between you and senseless time grow up

    1. U c am a gambian n I serious like so much 2 read ur articles (ghanians) but if u are serious of urself it’s no need giving urself foolish repetition allowing some other institutions using u as woman 4 business.iam seriously disappointed in u as a person.being a woman is very important. At first reading ur story is so interesting n willing of getting knowledge 4rom u women of dis crazy world.plz stop if u are lying or u do not know wat 2 contribute 2 d net. Ok.

  3. I swear this story stupid!!!
    I even think say the guy the sopi for toilet!!
    Which kind fiction be this sef??!!🤣🤣

  4. This is just an imaginary story, how can he operate laptop in the bathroom for hours every day and not know people around him will be suspicious of him??

  5. Are you nor enjoying how you are leaving, if you want to be sent to early grave tell your wife how you make money. The same woman again if u don’t have money she will complain, yo friends are making money Yu are just sleeping bra bra. What a Women idiot

  6. My sister, i known what your husband is doing is wrong but Islamically you have committed a sin for bringing the secret of your husband to the world. Please, beg for forgiveness from Almighty Allah. Secondly, this is the time your husband need your support most, don’t leave him in this critical time. Let him understand why he need to stop internet crime. Let him understand you love him and you don’t want to loss him. Join hands with him to found a well profitable business to do. Allah bless your marriage.

    1. Exactly. U shouldnt expose ur husband nakedness because is a sin so i think u should tell him reasons why he should find a more legal job to do rather than exposing him to the public 😘😘

    2. He should be exposed too many people are being scammed it’s happening to a freind of mine ,she pays money into hes account every month ,she believes he’s rea and I can’t believe people are saying he should not be exposed I don’t think people realize what these scammers are doing to other people taking there hard earn money cause these people are gullable to believe these scammers they should be put in jail

  7. To me don’t tell anyone but keep on counselling him on the dangers ahead. Commit the situation to God and keep on pressing him until he do the needful

    1. U said she should not tell anyone.when she don’t.already post.a virtuous woman will.never wash her dirty lineage outside not to talk of online. If the story na true.then I think.u are not matured for marriage. U are very immature

  8. Don’t tell someone dear just hold your fire and give him a warning sit with him and talk to him and also pray for him God will help you

  9. Thanks very much for exposing your husband to the World, Very good Woman. You are married for 21yrs, shebi? no Issues [ Children ] shebi? Ahh ;; KUKU KILL URSELF TROWAY NA. ANUOFIA.

  10. What advice what advise are you seeking for you’ve already reported him already by breaking it up into Media so everyone I’ve heard there’s no need you need an advice the only thing you need to do is for you, to ask God to help you out in your marriage, because as it is now you are about to destroy your marriage, which is already destroyed, on your own is a true thing, what you know you don’t want you don’t get, the Bible says that love covers all things, what you would have done earlier, was for you to go to his parents, and discuss it with them not to bring it to social media, that is where you would have found a way out, but all the same God bless you the Lord will see you through…

  11. As is responsible man try to encourage man to stop from that act and be praying for her listen to you good bless

    1. Marriage is all about understanding and love wisdom and knowledge, the Bible says love covering all things, in a situation like this one need to apply wisdom, in wisdom you get the understanding and the knowledge, of everything nobody will be happy with such acts, we all know is never a good one to do such a thing, but in times like this what has happened has happened, all she needs is to go to God in prayer because already as I said earlier this is a thing that her husband did, nobody knew about it, yes her husband is not doing the right thing which is not right before God, but how do you handle the issue, that is why, Jesus Christ never condemned anyone, she needs God’s help, God’s intervention in this matter, I pray God will see her through in our marriage, and never against her because she’s still young and tender not having that understanding and the knowledge of marriage, well what will be the outcome of everything after this, what the man still accept her, or that if is not been arrested, or will the man still celebrate her, may God have mercy on us all…

        1. 21 years in marriage? She is looking for a way to accuse her husband for her inability to conceive a child.

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