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“My Husband Has Been Sleeping With My Maid In My Absence”- Woman Shares In Suspicion.

The issue of mistrust in many relationships is the major cause of many relationships being ruined down. Most partners are into the habit of adopting side chicks which of late seems to be a normal thing. This act normally results in serious issues when the affected tends to find out. We see videos of ladies fighting over their men just to protect the love they have for each and others. Another woman has been affected by this act for which she shared on social media for the opinion of the general public to help her in taking her final decision with her man.

She tagged a popular relationship adviser on facebook for which she wrote that “ She left to the village to visit her sick for which she tried convincing her mum to come with her to the city but she declined because she claimed the city is really noisy. This lady in subject returned home just to find out a sudden change in how her maid relates with her. She attends to her at her own discretion if even her call was urgent. She also disclosed that, she discovered on of her duvets used in her matrimonial bed in her maids room which made her suspicion increase”.

Many users chipped in their opinions for which obviously most of them agreed with the fact that, her husband is having and affair with the maid in the house.

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