“My Grandpa Sleep With Me Anytime I Go To Him For Money”- 26yrs Orphan Shares Her Tragic Story.

A lady has taken to social media a post about her hard times and all what she did to move through the rolling tides as at that time. It was really a tragic story and this is what she shared;

She was at an age of sixteen when she lost both of her parents in an accident as they were on their way returning from her uncle’s wedding ceremony. Upon hearing this news, she wept over and over again as many came around to console her. Burial took place and afterwards was the beginning of her troubles. She was very young at that time for which she learnt no trade. Her then grandpa promised to take care of her as he told her to come to his residence anytime she needed help but she was staying with her auntie as at that time. She continued that, anytime she goes to her grandpa for money, he touches her in a way she feels uncomfortable but she has no option than to cope for he is her only caretaker. He one day went the extra mile to have a close affair with her and it continued. He has been having an affair with her whenever she goes to him for help since then. She felt abused at a point for which she reported this issue to her pastor. He voluntarily took the responsibility to take care of her and warned her not go to her grandpa’s residence anymore. She is now married to her pastor with two kids.

This story of hers has indeed made many speechless as they did not expect such and act from a heartless grandpa. What’s your comment on this story? Let your opinion be heard in the comments section below.

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  1. The so called grandpa is beast as it is only animals that have sex with any other without considering their relationship.

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