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My Friend Who Once Slept With My Fiancee Says She Wants To Be My Maid Of Honour’ – Confused Lady Says

A confused lady has shared her ordeal she is facing seeking to get a piece of advice.

The lady confided in the popular Nigerian relationship coach, Joro Olumofin and the ordeal has to do with his friend.

The lady indicated in her letter to Joro than her friend who once slept with her boyfriend is saying she wants to be her maid of honour.

Narrating what happened, the lady said that she is friends with this lady and at a point, she was dating a rich guy.

She once went to spend the weekend at the guy’s place and upon her return, she told this friend about what happened including how nice the guy treated her.

The friend then saw the need to go behind her and have an affair with the guy stating that the guy later confessed that the lady came to his place and they had fun.

Currently, she is no longer dating the guy in question adding her marriage is near and this friend is saying she wants to be her maid of honour and this has brought about her ordeal.

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